Short Introduction for MC’s

The following introduction is a suggested draft only. It may be used in its entirety or parts thereof when presenting Daniel on stage prior to his presentation. If further information is required to assist in writing an introduction customised for your organization, please contact Daniel by email. It may also be useful to visit the Biography section for further details regarding Daniel.

Introducing Daniel Silke:

Daniel Silke is one of South Africa’s leading Independent Political Analysts and most passionate Keynote Speakers covering South African, African and Global political and economic issues. As a renowned Futurist and commentator, his insightful, entertaining and predictive presentations on topical issues are in great demand. Silke holds a Masters Degree in South African and International Politics and has served, in a senior capacity, both as a Member of the Provincial Parliament and as a City Councillor in Cape Town He lectures and consults to major corporates, academic institutions and think-tanks both locally and overseas. He is currently the Director of Political Futures Consulting and also regularly appears in print, on the Internet and on radio & television both in South Africa and abroad. He has recently published an acclaimed new book “Tracking the Future: Top Trends that will shape South Africa and the World”. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you – Daniel Silke.

Keynote Duration

Daniel’s keynote presentations are individually tailored to the time-frame of your event and usually extend for 60 minutes. Presentations may also be completed in 45 minutes but in ideal circumstances 60 minutes is appreciated by both Daniel and his audience. Where the program allows, an additional Q&A session may be arranged. Apart from his time on stage, Daniel would be delighted to support the event with any social or other interaction such as dinner or group activities. Daniel will make every effort to contribute to the success of your event – every time.

Style and Content

Daniel’s presentations are constantly updated and changed. No two presentations are ever the same. Clients may request a presentation to be tailored to a specific industry – but an adequate time lead-in of a minimum of 4 weeks must be provided should this be requested. Last-minute bookings are welcome – depending on scheduling issues. However, no deviation from the advertised Keynote topics will be allowed. Lectures are always lively and animated in style. Daniel does not read out long speeches – instead preferring to use points and direct contact with his audience in a very conversational and engaging style.

Technical Requirements

  • Most of Daniel’s presentations require a large-screen PowerPoint capability. Daniel’s presentations rely on both text and visuals and it is essential that PowerPoint is available.
  • He will use a laptop on stage in front of him – on the podium – at all times.
  • Daniel is an animated speaker and does prefer direct eye contact with his audience.
  • He prefers a cordless lavaliere (lapel) microphone where possible.
  • Daniel does not release any copies of his PowerPoint presentations for general use although the audience is naturally welcome to take notes.
  • He does not use pre-written speeches and only uses abbreviated notes during his presentation.

Travel Requirements

For events outside his home-town of Cape Town, South Africa, Daniel requires all air and hotel bookings to be made by the client except by prior arrangement. All transport from any airport to the speaking venue and back must also be pre-arranged. In addition, where accommodation is required and any additional expenses as a result thereof incurred, these must be born by the client. For events beyond 15km distance from his office, a travel expense claim may be submitted to the client.

Contact Details

Daniel may be contacted via:

Telephone (mobile): +27 82 554 8538

SMS (text): +27 82 554 8538

Fax: +27 86 664 1648

Email: info@danielsilke.com

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