Don’t hold your breath for SONA

A natural sense of optimism usually opens a New Year in the minds of humanity. And so it similarly does with the State of the Nation Address (SONA) by the State President in the South African Parliament. A sense of expectation usually prevails in the hope that positive corrective...
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The Age Of Volatility

It doesn’t matter where you were on the planet in October – if you had money and were invested you would’ve been on a valuation roller coaster. Extreme volatility in the performance of global markets from Johannesburg to Jakarta might’ve made punters jittery, but it simply...
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Arise Africa? Headwinds & Tailwinds in 2015 & Beyond

Much has been said about Africa’s impressive growth over the last decade. A favourable turnaround in democratic accountability; better social policy outcomes (education & health) and a streamlined business and entrepreneurial environment all have contributed to the era ...
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